General Medicine

Department of General Medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis and non surgical treatment of wide range of health disorders from head to toe both acute and chronic affecting different parts of the body, many a times this department serves as a first point of contact whenever a patient wants to see a doctor.

General Medicine is a base specialty and its assistance is sought by all super specialities.

The department of General medicine / Internal Medicine combines the analytical examination of laboratory science with a personalized, compassionate approach to adult medicine.

The Internal Medicine Department at our hospital has a team of highly qualified physicians with extensive experience whose primary role is to deal with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment to a multitude of patients seeking relief from one or multiple problems/sickness. Their clinical skills are supported by excellent laboratory, radiology and other investigatory facilities.

The doctors have a collaborative approach in the management of complicated cases. The Department of Internal Medicine plays a pivotal role in providing need-based care by optimal utilization of all medical and surgical super specialties in the comprehensive management of patients. The consultants are trained to carry out a variety of clinical procedures for the diagnosis and management of patients with complex and challenging diseases.


The department offers array of services from treating simple fevers to the most complicated clinical conditions requiring comprehensive care including referral to other speciality / super specialty. The hospital boasts of state-of-the-art indoor facilities for patients who require to be admitted.


Doctors in General Medicines take care for patients with multi-system diseases. 
Infectious & Non Infectious Health related diseases
Respiratory Diseases
Common diseases like cough, fever & diarrhoea
Hypertension & Obesity
Metabolic Diseases
Acute Care Management
Endocrine Diseases
Chronic Disease Management

Technology & Infrastructure

 General Medicine
Care to patients are provided through:
  • Outpatient Department Clinics and OPD Procedures as and when indicated
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Inpatient Department
  • Intensive Care Units
  • Medical health check camps.
The team is supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure and best in class supporting diagnostic facilities
    • Computerized well-equipped NABL accredited Pathology Laboratory for reliability and high level of accuracy in medical investigations
    • Best in Class Radiology department including 3Tesla MRI Machine and 128 Slice CT Machine which give clarity in images and helps in better clinical correlation.
    • Well-Equipped Critical care unit to take care of critical health issues.
    • Continuous Quality improvement through robust clinical processes & protocols to keep upgrading our systems and improve our service benchmarks
Our Specialists
How Do I Know if I Have High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure often doesn’t show any particular symptoms, so you usually don’t feel it. For that reason, hypertension is many a times diagnosed by a health care professional during a physician check up. If you notice or are alerted by your physician for hypertension, or other risk factors, it is especially important to pay attention to your blood pressure reading. In case when blood pressure is extremely high, you may have unusual headaches, chest discomfort or pain, difficulty breathing, or poor exercise tolerance. If you have any of these symptoms, seek an evaluation promptly.

How often should i see my physician if i consider myself in overall good health ?

Seeing your physician at least once a year for physical exam is an excellent way to manage your health .

What can i do to improve my health ?

Diet and exercise are the most common , eating a nutritious diet with healthy choices and exercise as routine are most beneficial.

What is a reliable internet source for information ?

Our doctors are always available to answer your questions. However we know that it is always tempting for patients to go online and look for information but it is not always accurate.
Google can never be a replacement for your doctor in regards to reliable information.