Susanta Chatterjee

Dr. Susanta Chatterjee

Dr.Susanta Chatterjee


Dip. In Opthalmology

Fellowship from L.V Prasad Eye Institute


Dr. Susanta Chatterjee (MBBS, DOMS, FLVPEI) is Glaucoma and Cataract surgeon at MGM Hospital Vashi Vashi, Navi Mumbai. After his post graduation he has done a long term fellowship in Glaucoma and Cataract surgery from the prestigious L.V.Prasad Eye Institute. He has years of experience and has served at various hospitals. Being glaucoma specialist, his work is mainly focused on Glaucoma and Anterior segment. He has successfully treated a variety of glaucoma patients, children and adults, as well as operated more than three thousand cataracts.

Memberships & Certifications:

Bombay Ophthalmic Association

All India Ophthalmic Society

Navi Mumbai-Raigad Ophthalmic Association


He has successfully performed more than 3000 cataract surgeries and more than 500 glaucoma surgeries.

Has managed a secondary care eye hospital individually.

He has been a guest speaker in lots of national and international forums..


20 G Silicon Rod as monocanalicular stent in repair of canalicular laceration: Experience from Tertiary care center (IJO OCT 2013)

Infrocular Premure following combined routes of bevacizumab-augmented trabeculectomy for Neovascular Glaucoma (Seminars in Ophthalmology 2013)

Epiconjunctival Mitomycin –C Application for early failing filtering Blebs (Seminars in Ophthalmology Jan 2014)

Clinical Profile of normotensive psuedoexfoliation glaucoma. Poster Presentation in AAO in October 2013


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