Pranjal Sanjay Nimbalkar

Dr. Pranjal Sanjay Nimbalkar

Dr.Pranjal Sanjay Nimbalkar


MS (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)- Krishna Institute Of Medical Science University, Karad, Maharashtra, India 2015.

Diploma In Medico Legel System 2013.


Study of maternal and Foetal outcome in multifetal pregnancy. In International Journal of Reproduction, Contraception, Obstetrics and Gynecology 2016, 5(10): 3478-3481.

Study Reports on Varicella Zoster in Term Pregnancy and its Outcome in journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences 2014; vol.3, Issue 25, June 23.

Low dose Aspirin in combination with low molecular weight heparin is better than low dose aspirin alone in the treatment of pregnant women with recurrent miscarriages. In J of Evolution of Med and Dental sciences 2014; vol 3; Issue 21;May 26.


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