Pankaj Venkatrao Deshpande

Dr. Pankaj Venkatrao Deshpande

Dr.Pankaj Venkatrao Deshpande


DCH - India 1994

MD (Paediatrics) - India 1995

FCPS (Child Health) - India 1995

MRCP (Paediatrics) - UK 1997


First Prize for Poster Presentation on Capnography at The 33rd Annual Meeting of the Indian Academy of Peadietrics Jan 1996. Distinction in Biochemistry in 1st M.B.B.S.


Primary Fanconi syndrome. Indian Pediatrics 34(6):547-9, 1997 June Microscopic polyarteritis with renal and cerebral involvement. Paediatric Nephrology (2000) 15:134-135

An audit of RCP guidelines on DMSA scanning after urinary tract infection in Archives of Disease in Childhood April 2001, Vol 84, No 4, 324-327 . Hypertension: a cause of growth impairment in Journal of Human Hypertension 2002, 16: 363-366

Improved efficacy of basiliximab over antilymphocyte globulin induction therapy in paediatric renal transplantation in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 2002, 17: 1304-1309 Acute renal tubular dysfunction in association with salmonella enteritidis in Indian Pediatrics 2004, volume 41: 395-396

Ondansetron for paediatric uraemic pruritus: a case report in Pediatric Nephrology 2004, 19: 694-696 Tubulointerstitial nephritis and Nephrology 2004, August uveitis in monozygotic twin boys in Pediatric Pulmonary thrombosis in steroid sensitive nephrotic syndrome in Pediatric Nephrology (accepted)

Laparoscopic kidney biopsy in obese children in Pediatric Nephrology (accepted) Congenital nephrotic syndrome associated with congenital disorder of glycosalation sent to Pediatric Nephrology DMSA scanning after UTI: Evaluation of the national guidelines (Abstract) in Pediatric Nephrology 13: C18, 1999

Value of DMSA scanning after UTI: Evaluation of the national guidelines (Abstract) in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, Vol 82, Supplement 1, Page A23.

The role of Capnography in monitoring mechanically ventilated children (Abstract) in Abstract of papers of XXXIII National Conference of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics.


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