Adam Kamrudeen

Dr. Adam Kamrudeen

Dr.Adam Kamrudeen


M.Ch. (Neurosurgery-SCTMST)

MS (Gen. Surgery)


Dr. Adam Kamrudeen is a highly trained medical professional who received his training from the prestigious Sreechitra Institute of Medical Science and Technology, one of the premier institutes in the country. His expertise lies in the field of brain tumor surgery and the treatment of vascular malformations affecting both the brain and spine.

Dr. Kamrudeen has gained extensive exposure to intricate procedures related to brain tumors and vascular malformations, showcasing his proficiency in performing complex surgeries and providing comprehensive treatment in these specialized areas. Additionally, his skills extend to neurocritical care management in the intensive care unit (ICU), demonstrating his ability to handle critical cases and ensure optimal patient care in high-stakes situations.

Conferences and Workshops:

  1. ASICON 2010, New Delhi. Poster: Tubercular orchitis masquerading as testicular malignancy.
  2. Neurovascon 2013 Hyderabad. Poster Presentation: Recurrence of AVM in a angiographically proven excision in a patient.
  3. Participated in operative workshop organised at SCTIMST and presided by Dr B K Mishra (Hinduja hospital)
  4. Spine CME organised at Amrita institute of medical science, Kochi (2014)
  5. Hands on spine workshop at SCTISMT (2015)
Memberships & Certifications:

Member of Neurological Society of India

Member of IMA Navi Mumbai


Thesis: Urodynamic evaluation of functional bladder in females

Thesis: Retrospective analysis of PCNSL with respect imaging characteristics and preoperative diagnosis


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