General Information

  1. Emergency Department works 24 In case of emergency contact Casualty Medical Officer (CMO) on 50666888. Emergency and Trauma Care 50666889 &Ambulance No. 50666768, 8879776366
  2. Fully equipped cardiac Ambulance with Doctor and staff are available. For Ambulance Service dial on the following Nos. : (022) 50666768, 9930535066 (Mr. Suresh/Dilip).
  3. We accept payments by Cash, Debit & Credit Cards, Demand Draft. The Demand Draft should be in the favour of “MGM Hospital Vashi”. Cheques are not accepted.
  4. All charges (including Surgical & Diagnostic) in Wards & ICU will vary according to the class of accommodation in which patient is admitted as per hospital
  5. Bed charges will be calculated on 24 Hours basis right from the time of admission till the time of discharge.
  6. All the medicines and consumables should be procured strictly through the Hospital Pharmacy only and not from outside.
  7. Corporate patients are requested to carry a copy of admission / approval letter from their respective corporate office.
  8. In case the TPA / corporate deny payment, the patient has to make full payments as per the applicable rates.
  9. Attendants have to vacate the room/ bed whenever the patient is shifted to any critical care If the patient is required to be transferred to the any ICU, the bed/ room which the patient was occupying, prior to his transfer, is to be vacated. If the patient wants to retain the bed / room, then he / she has to pay subject to Bed occupancy I availability. Bed Retention Charges 1.5 times of the class of room occupied per day till the patient is shifted back to the respective ward / room. However this criteria is applicable subject to a availability of bed/ room.
  10. Emergency Charges will be 50% more than the Regular Charges for surgery, procedures, investigations when done outside the normal working Charges for procedures / investigations / surgeries will be billed according to the Class of accommodation. (Emergency Timing: 8pm – 8am) & 24 hrs. on all Sunday & Bank Holidays. High Risk charges of25% on surgery charges would be charged extra in addition to the surgery/Procedure charges and package cost.
  11. The administrative / Nursing Ward in-charges are available on all floors for any

If there are any queries /complaints/ suggestions kindly contact the administration OR write to : OR

Facility Management

  1. In case of any electrical faults with the light, switches, AC or other electrical items, you can contact the staff on duty for assistance
  2. Please do not attempt to shift or repair any electrical
  3. Please do not touch the oxygen and suction pump or any other biomedical
  4. Please do not change the setting of the thermostat
  5. To maintain the temperature in the rooms, please do not open any window as it affects the air
  6. Please do not use mobile phones in patient related

Diet Service

Diet is an integral part of your treatment for better recovery. Therefore outside food is discouraged. Our dieticians in co-ordination with your doctor, review and assess your diet needs and diets are provided accordingly for your all round recovery. Food should be eaten within 30 mins. of serving. Religious sentiments will always be considered while planning diets. Kindly inform the dietician for the same.