MGM Hospital Vashi’s Microbiology Laboratory is a laboratory devoted to culturing, examination and identification of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses.

The Laboratory is NABL accredited.

Thousands of samples on a daily basis are received from patients to identify the pathogens responsible for infection and to provide the antimicrobial susceptibility tests to treat the infection with appropriate antibiotics at the earliest.

MGM Hospital Vashi’s Microbiology Laboratory plays a crucial role in effective Infection prevention and control by:

  • Environmental Surveillance activity at regular intervals for Critical areas of the hospital
  • Clinically – Managing the infections on regular basis
  • Epidemiologically – Deep knowledge of an infective pathogen present in the patients which is helpful in investigating its source and mode of transmission

Services / Sections

Microbiology Laboratory contains 4 sections which include:
Molecular biology

Technology & Infrastructure

Microbiology Image
The Laboratory tests are carried out by well trained technicians and under the supervision of experienced Microbiologists.
  • The Laboratory is equipped with automated equipments for the quick diagnosis like BacT Alert for blood culture
  • Vitek 2C system for Pathogen Identification and antimicrobial susceptibility,
  • Vitros XT 7600 for Immunoassays
  • RTPCR for quantitation and detection of viral load (like HIV , HBV , HCV , HSV, CMV etc.) & Multiplex PCR for detection of Respiratory pathogen
  • Genexpert for early detection of MTB and its resistance so that the patients can be benefited from the treatment at the earliest.
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