Care Centers

Bariatric Surgery is now one of the best treatment modalities to cure morbid obesity.
The department of Cardiology offers most current and specialized treatment strategies.
Over the years , critical care has emerged as crucial and indispensable clinical speciality in the field of medical care.
The Dental Department is an integral part of MGM Hospitals.
Dermatological conditions may vary in their spectrum from symptomatic medical issues like psoriasis, urticaria, infections etc. to aesthetic concerns like acne, pigmentation, hair fall, aging spots etc.
Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period.
Dietitians are qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems at an individual and wider public health level.
AT MGM New Bombay Hospital, Vashi our emergency medical services Department provides quality emergency care, with optimal outcomes.
Diseases pertaining to ear, nose and throat are very common and often under-treated due to lack of awareness of the new developments in this speciality.
M.G.M.'s Endoscopy Center provides a diagnostic investigatory service for patients with problems of the gastrointestinal tract.
We provide persistent on-going treatments for a broad horizon of gastrointestinal conditions.
We provide specialist diagnostic investigations and treatment for a wide range of blood, bone marrow and spleen disorders.
General Medicine is a base specialty and its assistance is sought by all super specialties.
Infections are a major cause of disability and death globally.
Arthritis is a painful disabling condition of joints which cripples millions of people around the world every year.
Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) refers to the use of techniques that permit access to internal organs without a large incision.
The department of Nephrology is dedicated to the understanding of Kidney diseases, their development, progression, treatment and prevention.
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The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at MGM Hospital offers superlative care for women of all ages.
MGM New Bombay hospital Vashi strives to provide seamless quality eye care to every person every time with a personal touch.
It combines first-rate medical care, personalized attention and innovative scientific research to provide the best possible treatment for patients.
The Department of Oncology treats cancers of solid organs.
If you are among the millions who are living with chronic pain, a full and active life may seem like an impossible dream. But don't give up.
We endeavor to provide the best healthcare for your child until adolescence, whether as an outpatient or inpatient.
Laboratory Investigations are essential for almost every patient who comes into contact with the Hospitals and an increasing number of patients receiving treatment in the community.
Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation science, which aims at maximizing the functional potential of an individual who has a disease dysfunction or injury.
The Department of Plastic Surgery offers cosmetic and reconstructive treatments and surgeries with a team of renowned surgeons and dermatologists trained in India and abroad.All services are provided under one roof.
In the field of psychology, illness has been traditionally referred to cognitive and emotional phenomena e.g. anxiety, stress, depression or any psychotic disorder.
The Radiology department at MGM Hospital offers skilled, caring, compassionate staff.
Institute of Robotic Sciences presents the da Vinci Surgical System, the dawn of new age in minimally invasive surgery.
MGM New Bombay Hospital, Vashi, announces the launch of Comprehensive Adult & Paediatric Spine Clinic; a dedicated unit for the management of all spine related injuries
We offer comprehensive urological care with facilities to diagnose and treat various common urological problems.