The Department of Plastic Surgery at MGM New Bombay Hospital Vashi provides solutions for all correction or restoration of forms and functions.Our consultant doctors in plastic surgery have wide experience in performing all types of surgeries, viz., reconstructive, microvascular, and cosmetic.The department has state-of-the-art equipment.
The Department of Plastic Surgery offers cosmetic and reconstructive treatments and surgeries with a team of renowned surgeons and dermatologists trained in India and abroad.All services are provided under one roof.
The Department of Plastic Surgery conducts cosmetic & reconstructive surgeries, which turn the dreams of patients into reality in a natural and safe way. With state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology and best plastic surgery doctors, we offer an array of options to improve the appearance and function of patients as desired by them. The wide experience of our specialists in cosmetic surgery, fully equipped procedure suites, zero infection zones and international standard protocols followed; ensure world-class medical care.


    • Botox and Fillers.
    • Breast implant.
    • Breast augmentation.
    • Breast lift.
    • Chin enlargement.
    • Chin augmentation.
    • Dimple creation.
    • Ear surgery (otoplasty e.g. bat ear correction).
    • Auroplasty (Split ear lobule repair).
    • Eyelid surgery.
    • Face lift
    • Facial scar
    • Lip augmentation.
    • Lip surgery.
    • Keloid and hypertrophic scar treatment (HTS).
    • Inner thigh lift.
    • Calf implant.
    • Lower body lift.
    • Molar reduction
    • Mesotherapy.
    • Microdermabrasion(skin polishing).
    • Non surgical face lift (Radiofrequency skin tightening).
    • Nose job (Rhinoplasty/ septorhinoplasty, rejuvenation ).
    • Hand surgery.
    • Male breast reduction( Gynecomastia Surgery).
    • Testicular implant.
    • Platelet rich plasma therapy for skin and hair growth.
    • Penile lengthening procedure.
    • Penile surgery for erectile dysfunction.
    • Vaginoplasty.
    • Low level laser therapy (For Hair Growth).
    • Hair transplantation (FUT,FUE).
    • Radio frequency skin tightening .
    • Tummy tuck–abdominoplasty.
    • Six pack abdomen.
    • Liposuction.
    • U lipo for weight loss.
    • Fat freezing.
    • Fat injection.
    • Brow lift.
    • Cheek implants.
    • Facial fat grafting.
    • Neck lift.
    • Arm lift.
    • Hymenoplasty.
    • Replantation.
    • Revascularisation.
    • Microneural Surgery.
    • Flap surgery ( vascularized Fibula flap, PMMC flap, Radial artery and & ALT gap, LT Flap, Groin Flap).
    • Toe to Thumb transfer.
    • AV Fistula Formation for hemodialysis.
    • Neurolysis.
    • Hand Surgery.
    • Ganglion excision.
    • Claw hand Correction .
    • Trigger finger release.
    • Acute Trauma.
    • Burn deformity correction.
    • Tendoachilles tendon repair.
    • Syndactyly and polydactyly correction.
    • Tendon repair and tendon transfer, tenoloysis.
    • Carpal tunnel release.
    • Hand tumor.
    • Replantation of hand and fingers.
    • Ear Reconstruction.
    • Foot drop Correction.
    • Vagina Reconstruction.
    • Skin grafting.
    • Flap surgery.
    • Foot drop correction
    • Facial injuries
    • Burns, wounds and scars treatment
    • Cleft lip and palate.
    • Maxillofacial and hand trauma, including facial bone fixations and soft tissue repairs including injuries.
    • Head & neck tumors and cancer reconstruction.
    • Jaw problems.
    • Reconstructive surgery after breast cancer.
    • Skin cancers.
    • Repair of all post-traumatic defects.
    • Hypospadias.
    • Ptosis.
    • Burn Deformity correction.
    • Syndactyly.
    • EVLT for varicose veins.
    • Pressure sores.
  • As your age and the duration of diabetes increases, you may develop decreased sensation (Neuropathy) and decreased blood circulation (Peripheral Artery Disease) in the feet and are at an increased risk of developing foot infections, especially if you have poorly controlled diabetes. Foot ulcers and amputation are a major cause of morbidity & disability in diabetic patients, and carry an enormous physical & emotional cost. Early recognition & management of risk factors can prevent or at least delay the onset of these adverse complications by 80%. Amputation is one of the most important & avoidable long-term complications of diabetes. All diabetic patients are at high risk of developing foot problems esp. ulcers, infection and gangrene.Even a minor problem can have serious consequences if proper care is not taken. Every diabetic has some degree of foot problems like: Pain, Numbness, Cracked Feet, Calluses, Burning Feet Syndrome, Chronic Infection and Non-healing Ulcer.


MGM New Bombay Hospital Vashi has the best team of consultants and on the technology front; our team is constantly involved in innovation to find solutions to improve patient care and quality of life and is also renowned for working towards improvement of medical practices and services.
    • Times of India, Times Health survey 2015, MGM Hospital Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Mumbai Ranking- 6th Position.
    • Times of India, Times Health survey 2016, MGM Hospital Emergency and Trauma Center Regional Ranking West – 10th Position; Mumbai City Ranking- 7th Position.

  Technology & Infrastructure

The Department of Plastic Surgery adopts the latest technologies with the highest standards of surgical craftsmanship to offer patients a truly world-class experience. We aim at providing a natural appearance in all our cosmetic procedures. Our treatments respect the balance and proportions of the face and body and produce results that restore and enhance, but are never overdone.

    • Dedicated sterile OT complex with experienced, renowned and best cosmetic surgeons of the country.
    • Synthes and KLS Martin Titanium Plate System.
    • Carl Zeiss Microscope surgery .
    • Fraxis Duo Laser.
    • Tribeam Premium Laser.
    • Vikini Diode Laser .


It is the area of surgery that deals with correction of deformities (either from birth or acquired by trauma or burns), reconstruction of body parts destroyed or removed for cancer, hand injuries and coverage of wounds caused by accidents.It also manages facial injuries, burn injuries, diabetic foot ulcers and tissue destroying infections.Though cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the best-known kind of plastic surgery, all plastic surgery is not cosmetic.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed to correct functional impairments caused by cancer or tumours; traumatic injuries, such as facial bone fractures and soft tissue lacerations and breaks; congenital abnormalities, such as cleft palates or cleft lips; developmental abnormalities; infection and disease; and burns. Reconstructive plastic surgery is usually performed to improve function, but it may be done to approximate a normal appearance. Reconstructive surgery is performed to restore form and function through techniques that include skin grafting, use of skin and muscle flaps, bone grafting, tissue expansion, free tissue transfer with microsurgery and replantation.

Microsurgery is the technique of doing very fine surgery under the microscope.Microvascular surgery is the joining together of small arteries, veins and nerves using microscopic stitches under the microscope.In this Institute, all the Plastic Surgeons are expert microsurgeons. Plastic and reconstructive surgeons use microsurgery to re-attach severed body parts (eg:fingers) and also to repair nerves, blood vessels and tendons of the hand, leg and foot.It is also used to transfer skin, bone, muscle and other tissue from one part of the body to wounds and defects to reconstruct the part destroyed by accidents and cancer.It is also used in brachial plexus surgery.Our department is one of the foremost centers in the world in the field of reconstructive microsurgery.

Cosmetic surgeries are surgeries that enhance the appearance of the face or body by making it more pleasing or beautiful from the patient's perspective. Cosmetic surgeries are primarily performed by plastic surgeons. Our department performs evidence-based, safe and time-tested cosmetic surgeries on a routine basis. Commonly performed cosmetic surgeries are - various types of facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, aesthetic breast surgery, male breast reduction (gynaecomastia), hair transplant and body contouring procedures including liposuction.